Off the needles : Pinnate Cardigan

There are some patterns out there than you can just feel yourself knitting. You know you will knit it with exactly the yarn it was designed for [no substituting yarn, absolutely not] and spend a ridiculous amount of time deciding upon which colour you will choose. Pinnate Cardigan was one of those for me. In fact, I think anything designed by Amy Christoffer over at Savory Knitting wins me over, again and again.

I was intrigued by the yarn – Hempathy – that this pattern calls for. It is a 41% Cotton, 34% Hemp, 25% Modal blend that is perfect for lightweight knitting. When I think of hemp blends all I know is scratchy, but this yarn is far from it. What is even better about Hempathy is the range of natural tones it is available in. It took me a while, but not really, because I knew I wanted to knit it in green, a vibrant green. Of course, as soon as I received the yarn every free moment I had for the next 5 days was thrown into working on this cardigan. I had a deadline ahead which encouraged me a little, but, you know how life goes, and I lost momentum somewhere in the middle.

Think the front looks neat? Check out the back!

Its a clever pattern in that you knit the body in one big piece, working up to the under arm and diving the two fonts and lacy upper back. You bind off the upper back panel and continue knitting the front sections, working a stretch of fabric 2 inches or so wide, that is then grafted around the back of the neck and seamed. The result is a very relaxed and comfortable fit. You can see it a bit better here.

Annnyway, the deadline was a date that wasn’t shifting so I spent a many long car-days driving to and from Las Vegas knitting the final few inches of the body and the sleeves. I was literally just a few inches from finishing the last sleeve and the deadline came upon me. No new cardigan to wear to that event. Naturally it sat for another 2 months before I found it a just few days ago whilst unpacking a [very random] box from the pile we haven’t yet got to since moving. I was mesmerised by the colour and the stitch pattern again and took it along with me to a new knitting group and finished her off!

Seaming wasn’t too painful – actually was incredibly quick. Another aspect that I love about this cardigan is at the cuff of the sleeves. Because I was up against a [failed] deadline I made the sleeves 3/4 length and if I were to knit it again I think I would knit them up longer. But that doesn’t make me love it any less!


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