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I’ve learned a new trick. Last week Mister and I took a few days off to go hide away in a cabin in the woods. Not much preparation was needed for our mini getaway and so I spend most of my time trying to cast off Low Tide before we left – I wanted to bring along something new! I was squeezing out excess water and pinning it to size as the car was being loaded, cutting it a little close to the wire! But, the result – a blocked and dry cardi when I got home! For some reason I hate waiting for stuff to dry, especially when it is yarn, or even more so finished knits!
The work wasn’t quite done though – because of my haste I hadn’t yet woven in ends or decided on buttons. I found these vintage pale bone buttons in an antique store whilst on our trip, and I had a feeling they would work perfectly. I finally got down to it yesterday, hiding away the ends, crocheting the button holes and sewing on the buttons. And I’m a happy chappy.

Low Tide is an interesting project, first working the bodice in pieces, then a little bit of seaming, and picking up of stitches to work down the body. The lace work is addictive and moves quickly over your needles. As previously written I really enjoyed knitting the sleeves, short and cute. I used a yarn that I am trying out as a potential new base yarn. It is a very real yarn, light and warm, but not the softest. It is from a CA small flock farm situated a few hours from me, where Columbia, Corriedale, Romney, Suffolk and Churro breeds roam their pastures. The resulting yarn you might compare to a Shetland fiber yarn, and I would be interested to see how it knits up in fair aisle or stranded colour work. Either way, I love how this cardigan has come out. I love the weight of the fabric, the warmth, the lace, the curl of the stockinette, and of course the colour – dyed naturally using rhubarb leaves as found in the Autumn Collection 2012. It looks as good over a camisole as it does over a long sleeve t-shirt, and I feel like it is the perfect garment for right now – as the weather doesn’t quite know if it wants to cool down or remain warm, each day different to the next, this cardi meets it all, half way.


5 thoughts on “Off the needles : Low Tide

  1. Ooh, your Low Tide came out beautifully and I adore the color. I can see how this will be a perfect go-to when you want to add just a little oomph to an outfit!

  2. To be honest I wasn’t a fan of this pattern… that is until I saw your version!
    LOVE IT! The yarn is perfect and i find some of the other yarns used for this pattern a bit too drapey.
    Are you going to be including this one as a new base do you think?

  3. Came over from Rav. I was attracted to your Low Tide, as i’ve it in my Q. Lovely knitwear, nice colour, and such a great mini-getaway place.

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