New Year Knit Resolutions

December is always crazy, why are we always surprised? Perhaps that is why the New Year is always so refreshing, for it signifies a leaving of craziness for a year of exciting unknown.

For a few weeks now I have been thinking about what I might resolve to do in 2012. It has all come to my ultimate goal of

‘Not to buy any new piece of clothing for one whole year.’

That’s right, nothing, not one piece of new clothing. Thrift stores are ok.

I’m trying out a year of becoming more aware of how I treat my clothes, how I wear them, how I care for them, and ultimately make them last as long as they can. I dislike how accessible cheap clothes are. Too many of us go out shopping to be persuaded by the stores that we are making great savings on deals. We buy more than we need and come home with items that shrink or fall apart way to soon, resulting in us going back and buying more. Hello consumerism. My husband is also in on this goal and our everyday work normally requires a new set of clothes every day, farming is hard-wearing. This resolution might be harder than we think. However, I’m hoping that I will become a more efficient, realistic and useful knitter, that I will exercise my sewing skills once more, and ultimately encourage a sustainable way of thinking – that we will make do with what we have, can mend or can make, rather than go out and buy it.

To further my knitting resolutions I will aim to :

– knit patterns other than my own with yarn I have made, either spun or hand dyed, and,

– if I want to knit with yarn that I have not spun or dyed, then I have to knit my own pattern or design.

Phew, could be a tough year.

Soooo… to cheat in preparation, we have stocked up on jeans, underwear and gym clothes. I also, shamefully, spent my knitting time yesterday casting on two projects I had in the line that were neither my yarn, nor my own pattern. Apparently anything that is already on the needles, even if it  doesn’t meet 2012 knitting requirements, is ok.

Flugel – wow, so excited about this pattern. I was given this AMAzing yarn, Techno by Blue Sky Alpacas, for Christmas and Hannah Fetting has created the most perfect pattern for it. I would try and describe the yarn, but Blue Sky does it best – ‘Baby alpaca is blown into a mesh tube of silk, there is literally no splitting, for really fast knitting. You just won’t believe it.’ You won’t, seriously, its the softest yarn I have probably worked with, and its coming along quickly, love it.

Dahlia Cardigan – I happened upon this pattern in the Intervweave Knits Fall 2011 magazine whilst flicking through it at my local yarn store, and immediately paired it with Cascade Yarns Venezia Worsted that I had in my stash. It is the most incredible burnt orange colour that has a little sheen. I only have a few rows done, but it is also a dream to work with. This is such a stunning cardigan, I can’t wait to wear it already, check the beautiful Dahlias up on Ravelry.

I have a few patterns for the Winter Collection which will be released in the next few months.

Once again, thanks for all your support with my new endeavour– I’m already thinking about the Spring Collection!



Ok, back to cuddling one of my so-called farm dogs [New Years day only happens once a year!].

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