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Last October we moved even further north along the CA coastline to Humboldt county. The reason behind the move was a job – to run and manage a goat dairy farm. On the property that we have found ourselves are two houses. The one we currently live in is a simple barn conversion, a modest sized house perfect for two people, with just enough space for two visitors…. maybe.

This was our spare room about 10 days ago.

With my father due to come into town somethings had to be, er, tidied! When we had visitors over the holidays all my yarn, supplies and equipment moved into every available corner of our little home. And sure enough, when the spare room was empty again, slowly all my things came back together.

There is another house on the property, the main farm house. When we made the move, the deal was that this main house would have a face lift whilst we lived in the second house. Perfect! Its been fun to see the guys work on the house, replacing plumbing, flooring, siding and giving it a few more years of life.

This house is bigger than any other home we have ever lived in. It is a true family farm house. Living room, dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms and a bath. What does this mean? I get a room! All for myself. There will even be a room left over for guests! Score!

So, with my Dad coming into town, and the builders almost done, I went to fix up the room that will become my work space, and hopefully be done in time that I could move my stuff across and make our spare room more hospitable! The main problem? Purple.

It is obvious that there were children living in this house before us – perhaps small girls with a taste for bright purple [there is an even worse room that has bright pink, not just pastel pink, but reflecting on your face pink, walls.]

We tried out a couple of colours, as you can see, blues and oranges and greens – mabye we were influenced by the existing intense colour scheme – but I opted for an off white, specifically, ”Jute”, to create a white canvas from which to work.

First though, were the holes. SO many of them, everywhere.

Even in these pictures the room looks pretty dark, but imagine it before when there was a tree right in front of that window. The tree shaded the south side of the house and we opted to take it down to allow sunlight in and get rid of the damp dark feeling.

Even just after one coat of paint this room is a different place!

There are now two coats of paint on the walls, and I think that will do it, bar a few touch up places. I have now moved my stuff over, even if it is still just in a pile, but I’m ready to get a-working!

I’m going to let you in on a secret about this room. That ‘closet’ door you can see leads up to an attic that runs the length of the house and in which you can easily stand. It is warm and dry, perfect for drying yarn!!!

No visitor comes to our home without a good list of jobs which they can help us with if they want! My Dad is kindly helping us paint the rest of the rooms, and we’re speeding along! We are in no rush to completely move in, this is the type of move we can take slowly. But I’m excited to be there – its a gorgeous home.



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