It’s back! And in good time.

We are soon to be moving house which offers the great chance to fearfully find all those abandoned projects. I’m trying to wisely utilize the return of knitting mojo and attempting to complete old projects in between the new.

Old Project : Cabled by Hinke

I have adjusted the cable to a braided cable. And… fear that I will have to rip out the sleeve I’m just about to complete because I picked up less stitches than recommended to create a less baggy finish – but, it could look ridiculous. As also could be ripping out mohair yarn. Hmm.

New Project : Pinnate Cardigan by Amy Christoffers

Very excited about this project – I’m knitting it to wear to a wedding this fall… it’s got to be a quick knit. er. really? I have ordered the yarn having decided to knit it up in green and I’m looking forward to be working with a hemp blend. No doubt I’ll be headed to the mail box every day until it arrives! Yikes!



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