Luma for Avana

I’m sure you noticed the new summer DK yarn Luma from The Fibre Company when it came out earlier this Spring! The wonderful blend of wool, organic cotton, linen and silk creates smooth and draping knits, with beautiful stitch definition. A yarn that works for the height of summer, yet the wooly content adds some ‘cush’ to warm up the shoulders as the evening temps drop off. One of my more popular patterns, Avana, was written using The Fibre Company’s now discontinued yarn Savannah DK, and we thought it best to update this versatile shrug pattern to showcase their new yarn.

I chose the colour “Willow” for this new sample as it is a shade I am very comfortable with. It isn’t not too flashy, yet the feminine lace work trimming the body and at the cuffs can bring this simple knit and gentle colour up (from Carhartts) to sitting just as effortlessly about a party dress, or the like. I was recently in a yarn store where they carried Luma and I also locked eyes with “Flax”, yet again a natural and comfortable shade, but equally as beautiful. What’s great about this wonderful yarn and their pallet is that if you are more for the bold colours you have that choice too! What about “Sangria” to pair with a cocktail dress… and if anyone makes an Avana in “Kiwi”, please let me know!

Amazingly I was able to get the same gauge as with the Savannah DK, therefore the pattern itself hasn’t changed! It now just calls for Luma instead of the Savannah DK. I’ve included some extra photos on ravelry, and linked up the Luma yarn!

It’s a pretty fun day today as it is my Birthday! And I’m feeling all loved and celebrated and want to give a whole load of that back! Avana is only $4 for the next 24 hours! No coupon needed! Enjoy!!!!


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