Lovely Little Clara Dress


Remember how I had ummed and ahhhed about this pattern? I don’t know why? If by chance you follow me on instagram you may have noticed how in love I was with the whole process of this gorgeous little Clara Dress – the knit, the colour, and the final finished project – I couldn’t stop taking pictures!

Perhaps I was sad to see this knit finished as it was the last few tasks of weaving in ends and sewing on a tiny vintage button that took me the longest! I have also gotten used to having this cute little dress hung on my wall, it makes me smile! But she is bound for elsewhere, and is all packaged up to go find my little niece, who will no doubt make it even more adorable – the big full skirt is calling out for a big ol’ nappy bum…. Still, I’m thinking I might have to work on another to fill the void!

As you may have picked up, things are a little completely chaotic around these parts at the moment, lets not pretend otherwise, but I have continued dying and designing, as and when I can, and later this week is the release of a small Summer Collection 2012… and there are a few other changes too… stay tuned for more info tomorrow!!!


7 thoughts on “Lovely Little Clara Dress

  1. The Clara Dress has to be the most gorgeous design for little girls and you chose the absolute perfect color to knit it in. What a lucky niece you have … I hope you’ll post photos of her in it!

  2. Where can I find the pattern for this cute dress? I love it. I really like the color you choose to use. It is darling.

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