Joe’s coat

Remember when I said I was trying to complete all those projects that have sat around for too long? Well, that was also a long time ago… and I’ve completed only ONE so far! But, it was really successful one, resulting in an uber comfy gift for my Nephew.

I was worried that my Nephew had already grown too big for the coat, but I still brought it with me to England when I visited last month [yes it’s November already] and it couldn’t have fit any better! Unfortunately I didn’t manage to snap any pictures of him wearing it, but we all agreed that we wanted one our size!

It is actually a really quick project [… just make sure you have enough yarn, otherwise months can go by…] and cleverly knit from sleeve to sleeve. You then pick up the stitches around the neck to finish off the hood – not forgetting the tassel! Rowan’s cashsoft yarn was an amazing blend to use, for the garter stitch really highlighted its squishness!

Apparently I succeeded in matching the yarn to my walls – see that?


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