I’ve been nominated!


Remember the fun I had with my little niece and a world of yarn…

Well it was all for a little photography challenge as part of the Knitting and Crochet blog week. Ok, I didn’t complete the full week, oops, but, you kind people thought my photo was worthy of enough votes to go through to the ‘next stage’. There are 10 pictures that have gone through to the final round and boy are there some clever people out there! You can check out all the finalists here, and if you feel like my photo still stands above the rest please vote for me! Thank you!!

Unfortunately I have had another slow week with Uhura and my work with the girls over at the tops, tees and tanks KAL at luvinthemommyhood. I am excited that I did manage to get my project on the flight home though, and worked whilst I watched one of the numerous monotonous inflight movies. But I came to a stop when I didn’t have a measuring device.

I have completed one side of the upper back and am worried that my measurements are off. The pattern states that I should work the last few rows until the armhole is 7 1/2 inches. I am currently at 8 or 9… and I’m not sure how that happened. I wonder what you decipher from the following photos what you would call for the actually arm hole… … sorry about the scrumpled just-out-of-a-bag knitting. I realise that it for sure it is probably from the top of bust band to the shoulder seam, but as often in my knitting I’m trying to fudge reality!! Perhaps 1/2 inch isn’t really all that much to get worked up on. My gauge was spot on, but I only did a swatch in stockinette stitch, not in the lace pattern. In your experience do you think that could have been so different?

I had initially thought that we had plenty of time on this KAL that that I might finish two tops – YEA RIGHT!? I’m now thinking that May 18th is a wonderful deadline and I am gonna hit it right on the head. [I will save my Umbrellas plans for the Summer Sweater KAL – I know! Another amazing KAL!]

9 thoughts on “I’ve been nominated!

  1. Hmmmm…I’d say you are at an 8″ for your armhole. I would think the start of that band doesn’t need to be included but I could have read your question wrong.

    Do you have extra yarn you could do a swatch with in lace now and block and see? 1/2″ isn’t a lot but it is when it’s at your armhole and you may end up with side boob peekaboo..lmao.

    It does look lovely though and that color is gorgeous! I ccanot wait to see how your umbrellas turns out for summer sweater 🙂

    1. I think you’re right, thanks for the help. From the measurements drawing I wasn’t sure if the bust band was included, I don’t think it should be either. I will work the other straps to 8″ too, seam the shoulders and try it on… it wont be too much to undo if I fear the side boob peekaboo! HA!

  2. I also think you’re already at 8″. Although I’m new to this too and not sure how that could have happened. (You should see the low neckline on my Coachella!) So you probably want to stop where you are. Its gorgeous so far!

    Am I’m so happy you hit the top 10 on the Photo Challege! Yay!

    1. Thanks for the support 🙂 love how your Coachella is coming along – It will look so awesome with extra length… you could even crack it on to a tunic style top!

  3. I’d also say you’re at eight. And I would probably pull out a couple rows to avoid having too large an armhole, which no one wants.

    I love your World of Yarn photo and had to go over and vote for you. So sweet.

  4. Congrats for your nomination !!! be sure that if I hadn’t been nominated too, I would have voted for your entry, it’s such a great picture. Good luck for the prize !! :))(and your blog is really nice !)

  5. Congratulations on making it into the photography challenge final – good luck!

    Can’t offer much advice on the armhole but I did hear a tip about measuring. If you measure the lower half of your thumb (mine 1 1/2 inches) or the span between the tip of your little finger to the tip of your thumb (mine 8 1/2 inches) you will always have a portable measuring device with you! I agree that it’s not 100% accurate, but some day may just do the trick

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