It’s raining, it’s pouring


So, the other day I was working on my Summer Sweater KAL project [hosted by the amazing Shannon over at luvinthemommyhood] and it started raining!! Splish, splash.

I couldn’t believe it – it is summer you know!
It started to get pretty heavy and so I hurried along – I couldn’t bare to get this project wet – trying to get my umbrella[s] up!

I’m still getting a bit wet here as I haven’t yet got a handle to hold on to, and I’m not sure if they are umbrellas or toadstools, but oh boy do I LOVE this pattern!

I feel like this is the first time I am truly knitting a fair isle piece, and doing it properly. Even if one of my first ever projects were these, I feel like I have always ‘fudged’ fair isle and just ‘made it work’. As per Joji Locatelli’s recommendation in the pattern notes [I’m sure its ok that I tell you this?] I spent a few minutes watching this video before working the rain. It so clearly explains how to work two colours, holding one in each hand, and to weave the non working colour behind the working colour as you go. Never before has the wrong side of my work been so tidy!

So they are slowly growing, with the help of tiny jump rings [the kind you use for jewelry or what I use in making stitch markers, sometimes I can’t stand dangling stitch markers getting in the way], I am smoothly knitting through each pattern repeat, or each ‘umbrella’!. The chart is surprisingly easy to memorise and for each round I pretty much only need to look at the pattern for the first repeat and have it set in my head for the next 200-odd stitches!
I am loving the pace I’m taking with this project. Whilst I have many other designs on the go this baby is my ‘down time’ knitting, and I couldn’t have chosen a better pattern! Already it is my little treat at the end of the week to sit down and feel this yarn in my hands and watch the umbrellas appear. I’m just worried that after the yoke is done, the miles and miles of stockinette in fingering weight will change my outlook on this project. I will have to call upon your support!

I have just two rounds until the toadstools [!] are complete and I will move onto the handle and make things more umbrella-like. Stay tuned next week for hopefully I will reveal all my little umbrellas dancing in a row!!

PS. There is yet another Umbrellas completed that I just adore! I love all the different colour possibilities with this project!

… and don’t forget to hang out at Shannon’s place to see what everyone else is working on!

12 thoughts on “It’s raining, it’s pouring

  1. Wow, isn’t it amazing how the same pattern in the various combinations can look so totally different. I adore the creams and browns. Can’t wait to see more 😀

  2. Ohhhhh! so gorgeous! I adore the colors you chose hun! So purdy! I think you’ll fly through the stk because you are going to want to wear this lovely SO BAD! Plus we are going to cheer ya on…xoxox!

  3. Well you do have the raglan increases to look forward to once the fair isle is done, then you’ll split for the sleeves and body…you’ll work the body but won’t have quite so many stitches…I know I’m looking forward to it!

    In other news…Your sweater is gorgeous and I can’t wait to see your umbrellas finished!

  4. Oh my its looking great, the colours together are lovely.
    Really need to get to grips with fair isle, the back of my work is BAD!!
    Thanks for the link i shall be watching.

  5. I love this pattern, especially in your earthy color choices! I think it’s in my queue. It’s raining here in Texas too, and much summer sweater knitting is going on today.

  6. It looks gorgeous! I am doing my first proper fair isle project after fudging others too. I’m pretty impressed with myself, but my work still doesn’t look as neat as yours!

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