It’s a special day, and I want to give you something!


Happy Friday everyone! It’s a special day today as it is my BIRTHDAY! Even if in the end I don’t get a full day off from goat land, I am looking forward to a day of knitting, coffee with friends, working in the garden, and I have been told to be ready to go out at 6:30pm…[Last time Mister was done for the day and off the farm by 6:30pm was months and months ago, I’ll believe it when I see it!]. I have no idea what his plans are!

So on this fun day that comes round only once a year, I want to give YOU a gift. This is a gift that I have wanted to give for some time now, but needed to find the right moment. Let me introduce you to Ellie Air.

‘One of a kind items, so you can enjoy something completely special and unparalleled’

Beautiful handmade silver, copper and recycled silver jewellery, from the hands of non other than my sister! I happen to have a very creative family – my brothers, sister and sister in laws all dabble in their own creations – and I have dreamed about combining our efforts. So, on a day when usually the birthday girl receives the gifts, I want to give something back and give you guys the opportunity to win this beautiful necklace. It is one from a collection that was inspired by my sister’s visit last summer when she came to hang out with us on the fogggy Northern Californian coast line, and I just love it!

“Altocumulus Castellanus Necklace. Copper & Silver
We all know how much the fog sucks over on the West Coast, but its one of my favourite places in the world; fog, sun or downright chilly, and has inspired the collection ‘Foggy On The West Coast’.
This pendant is very rustic and very edgy! An oxidised rain drop of copper sets the scene for a brushed cloud to sit away from the copper. Hangs delicately from an 18″ sterling silver trace chain.”

Nothing beats a unique piece of jewellery that will get everyone asking you where you go it. I love how delicate yet substantial this necklace is with the oxidized, darkened copper providing a deep but warm background for the cloud to shine… can they?
[I’ve just realised that this necklace ties in wonderfully with my Umbrellas project, I must have rain on the brain!]
What’s more, is that I have not yet hosted a giveaway for the Summer Collection! Along with the necklace you can win two skeins of your choice!

‘But how do I win?’ I hear you ask… well, after many suggestions I have finally got my butt into gear and begun a by Annie Claire Ravelry group! Today is the official launch and it is our little place to enjoy, explore, inspire, create, admire, discuss, question, imagine, and encourage others in all things by Annie Claire. Not only do I look forward to spending time with you there, but I will use this space to let you know exciting new things before others, share new designs, post a weekly picture celebrating ‘The Wonders of Wool’, and chat up a storm about natural dyes and farm yarns!

All you have to do is sign up to our group, pop in to say hi in the Welcome thread, and I will pick a winner on Jul 31st. See you over there!

Now, I have to finish feeding goats, jump in the shower, find my needles and scoot on over for friends and coffee…


12 thoughts on “It’s a special day, and I want to give you something!

  1. Oh, a very happy birthday to you even if I’m a bit late 🙂

    I agree that cloud/raindrop necklace goes perfectly with your umbrellas…or maybe mine 😉

  2. happy belated birthday! what a lovely necklace! i’m off to check out and join the new ravelry group! wahoo!! i’m super excited for you!! also, love that your whole family is so creative. beautiful! xoxoxo

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