What idiot decides to try and post each day on the week that all her in-laws are coming to stay for a long weekend over Thanksgiving? Oh, that’s me. Right.

It was such fun to have them all stay. Time went too quickly, and I ate way too much food, but it didn’t rain! We were blessed with amazing weather to walk the beaches and amongst the trees.

So, anyway, that post plan failed. But, I’m happy to announce that tonight I will cast on a project that once finished will be a more complete project than just the ordinary knit. A women I met through selling my yarn at the local farmers market came to me one Saturday with a trash bag full of carded roving from her beloved Alpaca, and asked me to spin her gorgeous fiber into yarn. Once I realised that not only did she not spin but did not knit either, I offered to knit her a garment too.

Naturally, I sent her to Ravelry with basic instructions to search the wondrous amounts of patterns and she came back with the one and only Tea Leaves Cardigan.

I have the needles, yarn, swatch, and I’m ready to go!


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