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Well that was quite the kerfuffle! Sorry if you have found yourself at two different places this past week when following any link to this site. I tried to move ‘old’ site A to ‘new’ site B but it caused too many headaches. So I returned everything back to site A, gave it a bit of attention, and have no plans to try and change anything ever again. Far too stressful.

I’m glad to be attempting to be back in this space again. It seems like forever ago but the months running up to Christmas and continuing into the beginning of this year have had a lot going on. It’s actually amazing how much time a blog can take up, and figuring out that it didn’t fit into my life at that time didn’t feel good, but I had to let it slide. As did the yarn dying. You might have noticed.

The new place I find myself in, having learned a lot, has brought the decision to no longer naturally dye yarn. Whilst I still love everything about the process and want to make true farm yarn accessible to people I cannot commit to seasonal collections. I will, however, continue to play and have Etsy updates every so often (I’ll be sure to let you know when this happens) but I want to get back to enjoying my knitting, designing and sharing with you the wonderful yarns that are already out there. My goal of closing the gap between pasture and pullover hasn”t changed, but I was trying to do too much all at one time, and the result was that I wasn’t getting anything done. I understand now that I need to find a new way of going about it.

Moving forward I am giving my existing patterns a bit of a revamp and hoping to get some of these designs and ideas which surround me in various states on paper and out into the world. I want to focus on my love above all loves, knitting. It needs to be straightforward, more simple and more rewarding. I’m letting go, and jumping in!

…looking at all those mini test skeins has me thinking I have some hexipuff knitting in my future!

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