Finishing up

As recommended by my knitting supportteam, I am taking a moment away from working a new design as I block it to see if my sizing worries are true or not.

In the mean time I have freed up my size 7 needles and I am working on some of those projects that have been sitting around for too long. Sometimes it is hard to find the time, or to allow yourself to find the time, to knit other peoples patterns as you design on your own, but today it is fitting just right with me and I hope to finish up Eastlake in the next day or so.

That is really not the colour, it is more like this or this. Anyway, I cast this jumper on AGES ago and have a feeling that it will now be too big. Either way I will be glad to complete knitting with single plyed yarn [ugh] and to lessen the weight of my to-finish box[s].


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