Falling rain and leaves

Today we received a good dose of the weather we are to expect these next couple of months up here, on the Northern Californian coastline. It goes a little something like this;

Not handy when you have lots of jobs to do outside; hay feeders to put up, troughs to mount etc. There comes a point, however, when you are just plain wet and cold, and the idea of something warm is just too tempting. Say, coffee? Yes please. How about a wood stove?

This wood stove had not been used for a while and was on our to-do list to fire it up and check that everything was all still a-ok. Perfect time? I think so. Anyway, whilst H was busy with logs and fire I finished up a mini project I had been working on this past week… with the help of two very lucky dogs that were allowed in out of the rain to join in with some of the warmth.

The result:

A mini string full of little crocheted leaves. I think its one of my first crochet projects I’ve shared! All of the yarn used came from my stash and  I couldn’t tell you what they all are, but, I used everything from acrylic [ugh,] to wool, to cotton, in different shades of green, orange and brown.

I took two of the leaves out of the amazing crochet pattern book by Lesley Stanfield; 100 Flowers to Knit & Crochet. They are the oak and clover leaves you can see which are ‘variegated’. The book has hundreds [well – one hundred] of lovely flowers and even lovelier leaves, but I was most attracted to these two because they require two differently coloured yarns and felt they would add more depth to the line up. For the three remaining little leaves I used Jennifer’s pattern over at Wind Rose Fiber Studio for her Veined Leaf. I can think of  many, many ways to use them all over the place – they’re so neat!

I wove in all the leaf ends and then joined them  with a single crochet chain every 15ch and then went back 1sc in each ch to make it more rope like.

And voila!

I suppose you could hang this anywhere, window, wall, tree… but there is a specific place I have in mind for this guy and I will let you know later on this week.

Alas, the rain eventually lessened and we stepped back outside to finish our duties, but, this time surrounded by the comforting smell of wood smoke. Sigh.


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