Dye studio

Also known at the garage!

I spent a bit of time today unpacking, organising and cleaning up my dying bits and bobs. [That pictures look a little more appealing a few hours after… I have now scrubbed the old kitchen unit, and it is actually a nice shade of pealing yellow!] I aim to get back on the dye wagon and explore the colours that these plants I find about my new home will yeild. Last night I wound up 50yd skeins of my usual ‘exploration’ amounts of fiber, and spend a little while with my nose in a few of my favourite dye recipe books.

I started off this morning with a walk, accompanied by my Osa, to search out some Toyon in the hope to spark up my dye mojo once more.

How could it not be when Toyon is so amazing this time of year! With some of the older, more established plants and trees radiating the rich red of the many clusters of berries it adorns, I was happy to clip my few branches and leaves and let the birds enjoy the berries. I was amazed, yet again, whilst boiling the leaves at the marzipan fragrance it gives off. Sorry about the lame iPhone photos. New camera for Christmas?

I will let you know how my dying explorations develop, but until then I am cracking on with my Tea Leaves Cardigan.

PS. If you follow me on twitter you will have heard that my ball winder broke last night!! Do you know how miserable it is to hand wind skeins of yarn having owned a ball winder for what feels like forever! ARGH!

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