Drive time

DSC_0007DSC_0011 DSC_0003DSC_0006 DSC_0001We are spending a lot of time in the car this month. Luckily two of our three road trips are to see friends and take a mini break, but either way sweater knitting has been postponed and I have dug out some smaller projects to take with me.

I started these socks, Simplicity, to learn how to work socks toe up… and two at a time. Yes, that is a lot all at once, and yes, they are taking forever – I feel so clumsy each round. I don’t know if I even like knitting socks but I know that I suffer from second sleeve syndrome, hence trying the two at a time thing. There just seems to be so much shuffling around the needles. I’m ready to start the heel and I still haven’t got into a rhythm. I do like the toe up method though. Maybe I need to take this class. Oh, and the yarn is gross. I’m trying to use up stash and cast on using Patons Stretch Socks yarn which contains 7% elastic. Its the strangest knitting experience. Thankfully they look better on… I’ll keep going – I think these will be the first socks I’ve made. And I know I shouldn’t let this pair ruin my view of sock knitting, I keep dreaming of all the amazing sock yarn I have tucked away, maybe they’ll motivate me to finish these beauties.

That brown chunky yarn? Yet another attempt to begin the search for the perfect hat for Mister. I have never knit him anything (what?), and he wears hats all the time (erm, hello?) so I decided for Christmas to knit him a hat, which I then burnt (yes, I did that), but it turned out to be too small, yet he liked the pattern, so I’m going to redo with an extra 8 sts. It’s a super fast knit.

So that’s a project for me, for him, and now one for the baby. This NBK yarn was once going to be Ruffaluffagus, but it turns out when you neglect a baby project for too long the baby grows, and your project no longer fits. I still love that pattern but I only have one skein of this yarn, not enough for a bigger size… and want to knit with the yarn more! This colorway is amazing, just the right amount of pink. I’m swatched and ready to cast on Sophie Blouse by Nikki Van De Car.

I’ll be knitting away the miles!


5 thoughts on “Drive time

  1. I only recently started knitting socks. Over the 12 or so years I’ve been knitting I have 3 pairs. I’m not a sock knitter, but I’m re inspired by Climb, so I’ll probably do more soon.
    Sorry about the hat. What a freak accident! I finished a hat last night for my poor son who was wearing a ripped kmart hat from many years ago. I haven’t knit him anything since the stuffed dinosaur. :/. To be fair, he and his father have no interest in stuffy, scratchy knits.

  2. I do two-at-a-time toe-up with magic loop. It is a lot of needle switching, but in the end you get two identical pairs of socks done at the same time! I’ve been toying around with getting two pairs of the Karbonz 2.0mm and knitting two at the same time that way… maybe you’d like that method better. Remove the magic loop part but keep the two-at-a-time and toe-up. 🙂

    I just recently started sock knitting and I can’t stop. I keep picking up my socks rather than other projects when I sit down to knit. On pair numbero tres now.

    1. Yes, the two at a time thing is priceless – I think I’d have a bunch of single socks otherwise! I like the idea of two sets of needles, maybe I’ll try it on my next pair… off to check out your socks 🙂

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