Don’t blink

Two weeks ago, when preparing to release the new colours of the Autumn Collection, I was captivated by how the colours I have found in natural dyes mirrored those found in the turning of the leaves of our Grandmother tree. As I have previously written, standing in the middle of our ‘world’, you cannot avoid her telling of the changes of the seasons. Enjoying the richness of the turning of the leaves I had fun taking pictures of the golden, bold tones on the ground as well in the leaves that were still holding on, and how they brought out the same elements in the yarn.

Two weeks later our Grandmother tree couldn’t look any more different. Soon all her leaves will be gone, uncovering the lichen dancing along her branches. But the colours, they are still all there, just in a different way. They are softer, calmer and while less golden, I feel like it is the dusty browns and greens are being celebrated.
I feel like at this time of year, when things seem to get so crazy in the run up to the holidays, it is ever more necessary to be present, and don’t blink, for you will miss the changes.

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