Crazy busy world

I’m back home. I eventually found my front door after buses, cancelled flights and a shared car hire back to Northern CA. The shop is alive once more, as are my dye pots, and the big list of emails to reply to… I will get to yours soon, I promise! Also to catch up on are the ever changing tasks of life – the chicks are bigger, plants are growing, and summer is coming!!

I find I always have a new kick when coming back home from being away a while – I have a new spark of enthusiasm and drive. Today I am focusing on completing all those niggly annoying little jobs whilst I feel so good, and I’m organising, organising, organising. I’m enjoying feeling successful and productive at this moment.

This increase in activity might also be for another reason : I have come home to a crazy busy life. Work on the farm is increasing at a rapid rate – Mister and I are goat dairy farmers. We are coming up to kidding season [we bred late this season] and that means milking, lots of little mouths to feed, and too few hours in the day.

As I go to join him out in the pastures I am hoping that initially it won’t affect my work here. I have a rough plan for the rest of the year and will continue to update my products, release new patterns and yarn collections as usual, but I have a feeling the blogging might slip a little. What else might it mean? Lots of cute pictures of baby goats!.. I’m pretty sure you’re not complaining.

And so begins May…



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