As we move through the summer I am preparing for a few major tweaks to by Annie Claire and the upcoming Fall Collection 2012. I have spent this past weekend looking back at all the colours that have been through the shop, how I harvested and worked with them, designed with them etc. Using my findings I have been starting to look forward – to growing new dye plants, harvesting even more sustainably and to create a steadier supply of dye material. These are exciting times and it is because of you guys that make each month better and better.

I’ve been having a few questions about the availability of colours, so in the hopes to make it clearer – –
Each collection is available for 4 months. As one collection comes out I dye and update the shop for three months until the next collection is released [every change of the seasons – every Solstice and Equinox]. At this point I stop dying for that first collection but list all the remaining skeins for one more month, or until sold out.

I love doing what I do – I love making available organic, naturally dyed yarn that I have sourced within the State that I live, supporting my local farmers. I love to discover new colours and new dye plants and the ways that even the smallest adjustments to the dye pot affects the final outcome. I am concerned however, that customers who are used to the consistency of the non-natural dyes want to see all the colours available all the time. Personally I love how the colour found in nature changes throughout the year, and want to share that with you. But I have to listen to what you enjoy and what you would like to see – care to share your thoughts?

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  1. I agree that it’s cool to see the colors through the seasons change as they change in nature. Maybe you could have something like a color card reference page where we can see what colors you’ve made all next to each other, along with when they are available. That way one can visualize what colors they want to stock up on and when they need to do it. It might be a nice compromise 🙂

    I can visualize a nice grid with a thumbnail photo of the plant that makes the color next to a picture of the yarn, the season, the sell dates… I’m thinking something beautiful and fun like these:

    1. i love this idea! seasonal dyeing! i think your yarns are absolutely beautiful! i’m so excited to see all of the colours the seasons have to offer. xoxox

  2. I think Josie has a great idea.

    Part of what I love about your site and products is the fact that there is variability in the yarn color. Changing that would change what by Annie Claire is and that would be a shame.

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