Weekend Plans

Photographing and organising* this pile… look out for an Etsy update next week!   *yes, the ‘dump-it-all-out-everywhere’ is my preferred method of organising. It works. Promise.

Summer Collection 2012 : Dock Root

  Wow, how the clouds did gather, and drenched us with a blowing rain today. It took me completely by surprise.* What storms and wet weather usually promise have exceeded their expectation – lots of kids, 15 actually, born in…

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Summer Collection 2012 : Hedge Nettle

  Join us this week as each day a new colour of the Summer Collection 2012 is released! Woo, so many goat kids born today! I thought I was never going to get here… Hedge Nettle, it grows everywhere! You…

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Pattern Release : Seedling

  I’m relatively new to being and Auntie, but really, it’s not that hard. You get to giggle, play, spoil, laugh, woosh around, go for walks, and if when the unfortunate event of crying happens – someone else usually steps…

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Yurt in the woods

We are escaping this weekend – Mister, the dogs and I. This week was full of jobs to get the farm ready for us to leave. These next few days are priceless, and we have been looking forward to them…

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Easter Knits

  Last minute Easter project ideas! Click on the image for more info : : : : What do you have on your needles for Easter?

Site tour and giveaway

  It’s strange to blog so late in the day but, with the sun shining [we haven’t anything but rain for weeks], I was out in the garden pretty much all day today preparing beds and soil for seeds and…

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