Arts Alive at Knitters Lane


Hey locals, I have another Arts Alive event this Friday 16th in my home town at Knitters Lane!!

April, the owner of this wonderfully friendly store, was one of the first people I met in our new town – as we all know, you always have friends when you are a knitter! This night is also knit night, so come along with your project and your laughter.

What is extra special about this night?! I will be revealing my Spring Collection 2012. Yes, 4 days early!

I love the unknown potential of naturally white yarn.

I will also be sharing my newly printed patterns for the first time.

Hopefully I will see you there! You can keep up with what is going on at Knitters Lane on their Facebook page, and, to see which other artists are participating in Arts Alive this month, click here and begin to map out your route!

In other news : I have my last session of Shepherding School today – this time the hubby is coming too! Know what that means? Not only does 6 hours driving turn into 6 hours knitting time, but, I told myself that I had to wait until this series of classes were over before I started making connections about small, white, wooly things…. stay tuned!

Now, I can’t forget to wind some more yarn before we leave…



1 thought on “Arts Alive at Knitters Lane

  1. hello annie!
    i wished i could be there to meet you and have a look at your spring collection! am looking forward to see them on this blog soon!

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