Almost there…

One more day until the first day of Spring.

If you had been reading this blog last week, you would know that it wasn’t the best of weeks for me. However, things managed OK in the end, some deadlines were met – kind of – and I didn’t break anything that was too disastrous!! There are some delays, though, that have continued into this week. Like last the Winter Collection it was my intention for the Spring Collection 2012 to be available tomorrow, the first day of Spring. A collection meaning all the colours, together. I have struggled with bad dye lots, rain, and general hiccups, so have had to alter how this Spring Collection is first available. Beginning tomorrow, each day of the coming week I will announce a new colour, tell you a little about the plants I have used to dye with and what else they can be used for etc.

The dogs and I took a walk early this morning, the same walk that we took yesterday. I had hopes to dye a particular colour for this seasonal collection, but until yesterday had not even seen any of the plant I need for this hue. The dogs must wonder what they did right, because as we live on acres and acres with plenty for them to do and with the busy lives we fit in, they only get a good hike probably once a week – not twice in two days! It was nice to get up and get out there on a brisk, but still, morning. The path we took is an old coastal road that was abandoned long ago as it kept on sinking away into the damp earth. Walking through a damp forest of ferns and mossy trunks whilst hearing the waves crash on the beach suddenly struck me as a rare pairing. Huxley and Osa always get a little impatient with me as I constancy stop to pick whatever plant it is I am harvesting when on ‘dye plant walks’, but, they’re not complaining really, they just want to know whats around the next corner.
….and so my day continues, me, my chicks, and dye! [they’re so much bigger already!]

Look out for the first Spring colour tomorrow!

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  1. Ah, when life gives us lemons we make lemonade! Sounds like you’ve figured out how to handle those hiccups from last week. I like the idea of rolling out new dye colors day by day … it’s much more exciting!

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