Originally from England, I now find myself on the very Northern Coastline of California, where my husband and I are goat dairy farmers. I taught myself how to knit one dark winter living in Finland. It came so easily and naturally it seemed like I knew how to all along [maybe my Grandmother’s genes have something to do with that], and I have been knitting ever since.I strive to provide an opportunity for people to connect with where their yarn comes from. By supporting local, small flock farms I hope to help grow the true farm yarn name. Whilst it is no longer a huge part of what I do, I occasionally have available in my etsy shop some of my naturally dyed yarn. Without the use of chemicals I dye locally sourced wool with the natural pigment found in the plants and flowers about my farm and home.Whilst I dream of raising my own flock to grow all the wool I could ever need, ultimately, I hope to tighten the gap between pasture and pullover.