A world of yarn


Imagine a world full of yarn. Rolling hills made from special hand knits and precious heirloom quilts. How about those hills dotted with soft, fluffy, wooly sheep? And a tree. A tree to shade you from warming spring sun full of juicy, shiny green apples….  made of yarn.

Today is day two of the Knitting and Crochet Blog week over at Eskimimi Makes : Photography Challenge, 3KCBWDAY2. I decided that I would overcome my failings yesterday, and had fun creating a world we all dream of [with some help from my little niece] : A world of yarn.

Google the code and nominate any image you thinkg is worthy of winning the Photography Challenge prize.

13 thoughts on “A world of yarn

  1. Of course I nominated you. It is so imaginative and beautiful! Love all the textures and love how the little girl looks like she’s standing there and reaching for a fluffy green apple! So sweet!


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