A wonderful way to wake up

Well, we did it. I’m sitting here in front of a wood stove that is warming up my sleepy bones, there are two dogs at my feet, a knitting project and a mug of coffee either side of me, and I have that exiting feeling of waking up in a new home.

There is still more to move but yesterday the big stuff – the beds, sofas, rugs and tables – all were walked, carried and trucked across from our now old house within an afternoon of surprise sunshine. The weather forecast for this week is rain, rain, rain so the rest of our clothes, toiletries, kitchen wear, and books [oh so many books, we need to build some book shelves ASAP!] will make their way over in bits and pieces, as and when. What a way to move a home! This will probably be the most calm, steady and gradual move we will ever make. I’m soaking it up.

You may have noticed that we have a new look here on the website too! Similar to this home I’m sitting in, there are still some things to tweak and adjust, but I hope you like it as much as I do. The reason behind the change is to create a site that has more structure and is clearer to navigate. Patterns, yarn collections and this blog now have their own ‘home’ and it is going to be easier for me to update you with what is happening in the world of by Annie Claire, to connect you to my Etsy shop and make you aware of the sneaky giveaways on Facebook. Please let me know, however, if links are not working, photos don’t load, or any other suggestions you might have!

Now, forgive me, but I want to get back to enjoying the feeling of this morning, and how the air about this place tells my body that spring is just around the corner.


Sorry about the photo-less post – I’m still looking for my camera that got put down in the shuffle, and I’m not sure where!!

3 thoughts on “A wonderful way to wake up

  1. Didn’t I say that you could do it!! Here’s to a warm welcome to your new home — enjoy this feeling as it is truly a special one. Love the new look to your Web site … the background, which I know is your burlap bag as I got my two original skeins in one, is spot on.

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