A change in season

DSC_0033 DSC_0039DSC_0050 DSC_0043 DSC_0483DSC_0047Like most other knitters out there, this change of season into Autumn is a sweet time of year. To feel the temperature drop, watch the leaves change colour, and lucky for us experience the first rain of the season we are left with the biggest wave of cast-on-itus. We so fondly look forward to the wool-clad months.

I’ve been somewhat busy knitting over here. Since the end of July we have been birthing more baby goats, in waves, some weeks busier than others. Often I crave some sort of steadfast rhythm so that I can set myself realistic goals and plan a bit, but then I remember I’m a farmer, and this is how it goes. It is all seasonal. As of right now (ask me again in a few months) I’m looking forward to darker evenings, shorter days, and hopefully more hours with my needles.

I did manage to finish of a new hoodie for Louella. I chose the R&R Hoodie by Tanis Lavalee. Such a classic design, and really fun to knit. I naturally dyed some Californian Cormo using madder root. I achieved the variegated look by entering dry fiber into the dye pot, so the uptake of the pigment was staggered. I love how it has come out, I have in fact now woven in all the ends and it is just awaiting a good soak and block – and a zip to be sewn in! Whilst I am no stranger to sewing in zips, I have not ever put a zip into a knitted garment, so I welcome any tips, and wish me luck!

Other projects I have on the go are new designs. A cosy, cosy, cosy, cosy, did I say cosy? chunky knit sweater with super long sleeves and a very comfortable fit. This is a special project for a dear friend of mine, and I am also writing it up in multiple sizes to share with you guys as a pattern. The super squishy O-Wool Legacy Bulky weight yarn has it flying off the needles!
Then another big project I have going is something I will have talk more about another day, but it involves sweet baby knits, an amazing friend and our toddlers. We find our new home at LittleWoolens.com, and we hope to share much, much more with you very soon!* I have multiple designs on the go for this collaboration but recently had to rip out a lot of colourwork :S! I’m now back on track and LOVE how its coming together – the best kind of Christmassy knitting!!! I will be looking for testers soon, so knitter mama’s with babies, give us a shout! Eeek, can’t wait to share more!

*Little Woolens is also on instagram, please join us there!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous photos of your part of the world ~ fall has always been my favorite time of year and my needles are fully occupied. As you know, I love test knitting for you so I’ll keep an eye open for your call!

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