8 Stitch Markers

I have been re-utilizing my old jewelry and making up some stitch markers to be sold at the Space Craft Center event next month in Half Moon Bay. I have a really hard time with light, plastic stitch markers that will fly off your work as you pass them when you’re not paying attention, and I much prefer the heavier kind.

I started pulling apart a necklace I haven’t worn in years because I needed some markers for a design I’m working on, and a few more necklaces later I realized I had got a bit carried away.

I have packaged them up in unbleached tea bags, which I use to make my own bags of dried herbs and flowers from the garden, the label is recycled card stock, and they’re tied together with an example of the stitch markers dangling in display.

I’m waiting upon a bead parcel from England to make up some more… can’t    get   enough.

The design I’m working on is a stole that will hopefully be ready for release next month.

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